About me.

My qualifications:

- Successful leader within the beverage industry
- Expertise in management and development of companies, brands and employees
- Experienced marketer and communication professional
- Expert for distribution, commercialization and sales
- Specialist for global cooperation with brand owners and producers
- Qualified in digital marketing, agile coaching and change management 
- Entrepreneurial, strategical, analytical, intercultural, result-oriented

Navigator, helmsman and captain - these are my services:

Consultancy - with my expertise and skills I will support you to solve strategic and operational challenges.
Advisory - I assist you in improving your business approach. My experiences help you to achieve long-term success for the company.
Interim management - as interim manager I temporarily provide operational leader capacaties for change processes or implementing strategic initiatives. 

Something personal:

I am 53 years old, father of a little son (who teaches me to convince with strong arguments...) and live in Bremen. 
The city is famous for its food industry and home of well-known brands (e.g. Beck's beer, Jacobs coffee). Bremen also has a long tradition in the distribution of wine and spirits.