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My name is Markus. I navigate your business through unknown or stormy waters and help you make distinctive, lasting and substantial improvements in your company's performance. 

I draw on deep business expertise (10+ years management experience in the beverage industry) and an in-depth understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities companies and brands face in today’s complex and dynamic environment.

My work offers you an independent perspective and holistic impact – and I manage your resources cost-efficiently.

Have a look at my professional expertise, the services I provide – and let's get started.

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I help you create long-term value and success for your company. 
By transforming thinking into action, by making strategy true from concept to launch. 
On the basis of diagnostic, market analytics and professional management. 

I advise on a wide range of business areas.

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Strategy & Growth

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Strategy lies at the heart of an organization's success, requiring hard decisions about today's and future acts. A winning strategy requires a firm understanding of the dynamics driving growth, change and innovation.
I help you to achieve business outcomes by defining the strategic roadmap based on insights and deep analysis.  

Brand & Purpose

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The  purpose is the brand's (and company's) reason to exist and impacts how it is viewed by customers, employees and consumers. 

Let's find your "North Star": connect with buyers, raise brand loyalty, increase conversions, grow sales and differentiate from the competition.

Customer Communication

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Successful communication to increase brand value requires analytic, customer-centric and creative methods. To reach the customer of the future, brands and companies have to focus on engagement, experience and loyalty.
I want to enable most effective communication with your consumer, by using the right communication channels and strategies. 

Sales & Marketing

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Sales & marketing are the key drivers of success as fundamental, disruptive changes affect today’s business. Digital technology empowers consumers and customers, social media has created new channels for informing, winning and losing customers. 
I help you open up new opportunities, but also develop growth for the current business base.

Omnichannel Distribution

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I will dedicate my experience in retail, wholesale, e-commerce and digital media to unlock your company’s full distribution potential. 

This includes go-to-market strategy, new channel acquisition, multi-/cross-/omni-channel concepts and customer experience - but also business model reinvention, turn-around measures and restructuring plans. 

Quotes & Notes.

"Markus Hotze helped us to understand the opportunities and strategic potential for our prestigous brands on the German market. His advice and support towards the re-positioning of Rémy-Cointreau and the re-organisation of our distribution efforts has been invaluable."

Tassos Iliopoulos 
former Group Representative Central South Europe at Rémy Cointreau

"Our long-standing relationship with Markus Hotze and his team guided Osborne
seamlessly through all the challenges of the German market. Providing deep market, customer and consumer knowledge, he greatly added insights, ideas and efforts to improve the sales and profitability of our business."

Lionel Ehrmann
former Director Business Unit at Grupo Osborne

"KWV and Markus Hotze jointly developed successful, creative campaigns based
on a high level of consumer centricity. He provided important insights that lead to
a much better understanding of consumer demands and engagement. We were also delighted with the highly efficent and effective process. and way of working."

De Bruyn Steenkamp
former Commercial Director, KWV Wines


Lebensmittel Zeitung

Interview, 19 October 2018
"Awesome for brand worlds"

Meininger's Wine Business International

Interview, 03 March 2018
"The insider's guide to the German market"  

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